What content is covered on the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Exam?

The skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to perform the job of a nurse aide are the areas covered by the competency evaluation exam. The nurse aide job consists of various tasks. Each task has been analyzed and evaluated by nurse aides and their supervisors. Tasks which nurse aides perform on the job were validated in the state of Illinois in January 2017. The validated 200 tasks were grouped into six broad duty areas. The duty areas include:

  • Duty A: Communicating Information – 31 tasks
  • Duty B: Performing Basic Nursing Skills – 59 tasks
  • Duty C: Performing Personal Care Skills – 43 tasks
  • Duty D: Performing Basic Restorative Skills – 42 tasks
  • Duty E: Providing Mental Health and Social Service Needs – 11 tasks
  • Duty F: Providing Residents’ Rights – 14 tasks


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