What are the most common issues with student account creation?

If a student attempts to create an account and is unable, there are a few reasons why.  1) They did not receive an email due to an email address entered incorrectly, or the email went into the spam or junk folder; 2) the Social Security Number is incorrect; or 3) the Date of Birth is incorrect.

When a student is creating account, they enter their email address, SSN and DOB to verify their eligibility.  The student will then enter their email address in the same way and it should match up.  It is case specific.  The use of a student’s personal email address as opposed to a school email address is important as, when a student finishes school, their school email may be deactivated which causes a student to not be able to access it once they are done.

If a student’s information is entered incorrectly, the only solution is for the student to contact the program coordinator to have their correct information entered on a new roster and submitted so the student will receive an email and then be able to create their account.  The NAT office cannot create their account for them if the wrong information is entered.  

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