How do I purchase an exam seat?

You must have an account to purchase an exam seat.
Log in using your account’s login and password. (See ‘How do I create an account to purchase an exam seat?’)
On the Register screen, click the Register button or the Store tab.
On the Payment Methods screen, click the Credit Card or Voucher button.
On the Products screen, find the exam you want.
Click the Add To Cart button associated with the exam.
Carefully search for an exam by date, distance and/or ZIP Code.
Click the Select button for the date, location and time you are sure you want to attend.
Double-check and confirm the date and month. (You will be charged a $25 fee if you reschedule after purchasing.)

If you are using a Credit or Debit card:
Click Check Out. Fill in card holder’s billing data. Click Pay Now.

If you are using a Voucher:
Type in the voucher number. Click Apply. Click Check Out.
Your receipt appears.

You may need to present your receipt to take the exam.
Click Print button to print your receipt or click Send As Email button to email the receipt.

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