How do I log in and take the exam?

You must have an active account to access the exam.
You will need the login ID and password* you made when you registered, created your account and purchased an exam seat. Your login ID is included in your registration confirmation email. Also, you will need a photo ID and possibly your seat purchase receipt.

Sign in at the exam location.
Go to
Click Exam Registration link.
Enter your login ID and password*.
Click the Sign In button.

* If you do not have your Login, click Forgot Login ID?, enter your email and click Retrieve. Your login name is sent to your email.
* If you do not have your password, click Forgot Password?, enter your login ID and click Reset. A new password is sent to your email.

Your exam is listed in a grey box under ‘Available Items’.
Click the Start link associated with your exam.

The exam is delivered in Respondus® Lockdown™ browser.
If asked, follow the instructions to allow Lockdown™ to open.
The opening buttons may say “Allow”, “Yes”, “Launch Application” or something similar.
If ‘Page cannot be displayed’ appears, you will not be able to use that computer.
You must take the exam on a computer with the INACE edition of Lockdown™ installed.

When the exam opens.
• Click your answer choice to select it
• Review and re-answer any question as often as needed.
• Click Next or Previous to navigate among questions.
• Click Bookmark Item to identify questions for later review.
• DO NOT close the browser until you complete the exam.
After answering all questions, click the Score Exam button. (Your exam will be scored automatically after 90 minutes whether or not you answer all questions.)

Your exam results will be verified and emailed to you. Allow at least three business days for the verification process. A certificate of completion will be available if you pass.
Log in and click the Certificate link associated with your exam to downed and/or print your certificate.
If you do not pass, you may ‘Schedule a Retest‘.

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