How can I prepare for the Nurse Aide Competency Exam?

The most effective way to prepare for your competency exam is to:

  • identify the tasks (jobs) that nurse aides perform on the job.
  • review important facts and information associated with skills required to perform those tasks.
  • practice doing the task.
    (Repetition increases your skill and what you remember about the task.)
  • study in small groups.
    (Another person may be able to share information you did not know, explain a concept or procedure that is unclear, and reinforce information you already know.)
  • take a timed practice exam.
    (A timed practice exam can help examinees learn how to pace themselves so they can use time efficiently to complete the exam. A practice exam also familiarizes the examinee with the types of questions expected on an exam.)
  • review explanations of correct answers. (May provide new facts and help understand new information, aid in applying information already known, reinforce current knowledge, increase confidence and reduce anxiety about taking the exam.)

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