Fee Schedule 2021

Fee Schedule


All purchases are final. If a candidate fraudulently disputes a credit card charge in an attempt to receive a refund from the purchase of an exam seat (First time, No show/reschedule, Fail/Retake) his/her INACE account will be DEACTIVATED and no exams may be purchased until the disputed fee has been returned by money order. Additionally, payment for any future exam seats must be paid by money order and a voucher number will be sent to the candidate by email.

Initial Exam Fee
(12 Month Period)
Failed Exam Retake
(within 12 months of program completion)
No show Exam Reschedule
(within 12 months of program completion)
Translated Exam Fee in addition to fee schedule listed above$125
Out-of-State transfer to IDPH Health Care Worker Registry
* No personal checks or cash will be accepted.  The out of state application must be mailed to our office with the money order.

Recertification or qualifying exam with IDPH approval is the same fee schedule as above.
Exam must be successfully completed within 12 months of the BNAT program completion date.


Other than English Exams

Other than English exams are available ONLY to those persons working in facilities in which 51% or more of the residents primarily speak the language that is being requested for translation. The fee for a translated exam is $200 ($75 + $125 translation fee). The fee for a translated Failed Exam Retake is $200. The fee for a translated No Show Exam Reschedule is $170.

The request for a translated test must be accompanied by an official letter (on letterhead) from the facility administrator which will: (1) verify the employment of the candidate and (2) verify the primary language of the resident population which must be 51% or greater. Testing in languages other than English is offered on a limited basis. Currently, Arabic, Greek and Spanish translated exams are available. Based on approval by the Illinois Nurse Assistant/Aide Competency Evaluation project, any other requested translation may require three to six months to develop.