COVID-19 Message from IDPH

COVID-19 and Contingency Plans

There have been many questions and concerns over school closures and clinical partners disallowing students into the facilities due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

If a college or high school closes and you can provide distance learning, you have permission to do so without additional paperwork or documentation. Just send an email to to let Randy Carey-Walden know that this is your plan.

If the college or high school closes and you are unable to provide an alternative learning experience, it will be up to the school to determine what course of action will be taken if no educational experience can be provided. Please contact the IDPH at or 217-785-5569 for guidance.

Before you are refused a clinical experience, determine if other sites with which your program is contracted is going to allow clinical students. Call local hospitals or assisted living facilities to determine if they are going to allow student clinicals. If so, they may be willing to contract with you quickly in order to accommodate your students.

If there are no clinical partners in your area or you are refused entrance to the facility, contact IDPH at or 217-785-5569 for guidance.

The Illinois Department of Public Health’s guidance is at: diseases-and-conditions/diseases-a-z-list/coronavirus
Continue to monitor it for any updates.

CMS has issued guidelines to long term care facilities on restricting visitors, discouraging visitation, and limiting visitation to contain or prevent an outbreak. These guidelines can be found at:

The CDC has issued guidance to communities, schools, businesses and healthcare professionals at:



If you are scheduled to take an exam at one of the INACE locations and you have been advised to self-quarantine or are under the care of a medical team, you will not be charged a reschedule fee to take your exam at a future date. You must fax (618-453-4300) or email ( documentation from your medical professional. Once we receive that information, we will provide you with a voucher number that covers the cost of the reschedule.


If an exam site is temporarily closed and unable to provide testing services, you will receive a voucher number to reschedule the cancelled exam. Pay close attention to the email account that is associated with your INACE credentials. This is our method of providing you with the most up-to-date information.

Thank you, everyone.

Randy Carey-Walden, RN, MSN, CCM
Public Service Administrator
Illinois Department of Public Health
Training and Technical Direction

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