COVID 19 FAQs and Guidance

COVID-19 Pandemic
Illinois Department of Public Health
and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
COVID-19 Pandemic

Programs have asked for guidance on similar topics for the last two weeks.  Here is additional guidance.

  1. CMS has ordered that long-term care facilities across the country bar access to visitors and non-essential personnel.  There is no end date for this and it will be dependent on the duration of the pandemic.

  2. Programs are only required to complete the minimum of 80 hours of theory and 40 hours of clinicals regardless of the number of hours approved for your program.  All curriculum material must be covered, however.  This is for the duration of this pandemic only.

  3. If BNATPs have access to an online learning platform, you have permission to transition to this format for the duration of the pandemic without additional paperwork or approvals. 

  4. Up to 50% of your clinical hours can be provided in a simulation laboratory environment.  Note that the skills manual was previously updated to show that there are no skills which must be performed on a patient/resident.  The use of a simulation lab for clinical hours is for the duration of this pandemic only.

  5. If a school is completely closed, the end date(s) for your courses may have to be adjusted to accommodate lab and clinical training once clinical sites are available again.  Do not send revised schedules until your training resumption dates and course end dates are firm. 

  6. At this time, Nurse Aide Testing has experienced closures from 12 of the 45 active test sites. If a test site officially closes and there is a disruption in the exam schedule, registered students will be contacted by email and be provided a voucher number to reschedule the exam without additional cost. We anticipate that there will be more closures in the coming weeks as this situation is very fluid. Contact our office at with questions going forward. This is for the duration of this pandemic only. 

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